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Greenlife Syrup is an orange flavored vitamin preparation with growth promoting and cell enriching substances. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is rich in proteins that stimulates growth, which also supports tissue repair and healing. Centella Asiatica extract, a very popular herb found in some roots of Asia, strengthening the immune system, improving vitality and performance. Bacoside B is a protein found in Centella Asiatica valued for nourishing the brain cell, as it improves mental clarity, confidence, intelligence and memory recall. It increases keratinization, stimulate synthesis of lipids and proteins neccessary for healthy skin.

SRP: P450/250ml Bottle
SRP: P250/120ml Bottle


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Taurine – in fat absorption in pre-term and possibly term infants. In prevention of granulation of retina and electroencephalographic changes
L-lysine – required for growth and bone development in children, assists in calcium absorption and maintaining the correct nitrogen balance in the body and maintaining lean body mass.
Vitamin A – essential to skeletal growth, normal reproductive function, and health of the skin and mucous membranes. Retinal is a component of visual purple, a photoreceptor pigment in the retina of the eye.
Vitamin B1 – important role in carbohydrate metabolism.
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – important in many enzyme-catalyzed oxidation and reduction reaction.
Vitamin B6 – necessary in metabolism of amino acids, glucose and fatty acids.
Vitamin B12 – necessary for folic acid to fulfill its role; both are involved in the synthesis of proteins.
Vitamin C – requirement which is necessary for the synthesis of the body’s cementing substances, bone, matrix, collagen, dentin and cartilage. It is an antioxidant and is necessary to several metabolilc processes.
Zinc – prevents damage due to high levels of Cadnium. Active against mental retardation. Changes in taste, delayed sexually, skin change, hair loss and skeletal abnormalities.


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